I am a long time vegetarian (since about nine years old). As soon as I began to realize that the meat on my plate was once a living, breathing animal, I stopped eating it immediately. It wasn't until a few years later that I learned about the horrible conditions animals are forced to endure in the production of milk and eggs. I have been vegan ever since.

Now I am heavily involved in the animal protection movement, and I have conducted animal cruelty investigations inside of numerous factory farms. The conditions I have witnessed are absolutely horrendous: animals forced to live in such intense confinement that they cannot even move, dead animals in cages with live ones, workers literally throwing animals around; the list goes on and on. To fight this cruelty, my husband Bryan Pease and I co-direct the Animal Protection & Rescue League.

Consumption of meat, dairy and eggs is not necessary for human life, and causes tremendous animal suffering, environmental devastation, and contributes to just about every chronic degenerative disease in human beings. There is simply no justifiable reason to eat animal products, especially with all of the great tasting alternatives on the market (i.e. every kind of veggie meat you can think of, soy ice cream in every flavor, soy milks, etc...). Look around your local health food store or the natural foods section of your local grocery store to get an idea of what's out there. Being vegan is not a sacrifice, trust me. If you are thinking of going vegan, feel free to contact me for advice or anything else you need.

Visit VegInfo.org for more information.